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Welcome to Vietnam Bird Images database gallery

Not only a gallery, it is also a photographic online guide broadly introduces to the Birds of Vietnam and its adjacencies. It is designed for beginners and experienced birders as well as researchers to identify birds. We hope this will provide a useful tool for anyone to browse.

Typically, it includes a short description of the species, together with photographs, taxonomy and distribution information. Users can find one bird through many characters, such as family (group), size, colour, shape, distribution or where it found.

Why not test your ID skill, the quizzes are providing a tool to test & learn how to recognize a species by pictures and songs.

Vietnam Bird Images is totally free; it aims to encourage birding and bird conservation in the region. If you have pictures that you are willing to contribute to the VBI database, please email The photographers retain the copyright to their images, if you wish to use these photos, you must obtain their permission first.

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